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A City Of Masterminds. A World of Limitless Possibilities.


Unlimited Access To Every Mastermind!

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Learn The Secrets Through Masterminds That Bring Business and Personal Success.


Masterminds are legendary, world-changing groups of people. The Masterminds are all included for our Mastermind City Members. 

Join us every week and you’ll learn The Mastermind secrets that bring business success to millions of people.





How do our members consistently achieve so much and get the results they want?

We don't just rely on theory. Each members sets their goal and at the end of the mastermind has put all the strategies in place to reach it. We put the accomplished in mission accomplished!


How Does It Work?

Our Mastermind Courses run year round and are available 24/7 whenever you want, whatever you need!

Here's what makes it unique!

Access to Live Coaching, Q&A and Hot Seats EVERY WEEK!


The Best Part?

You can benefit from this incredible opportunity for an entire year with just one payment. That means no more wasting time trying to figure out which program, or coach is right for you; everything is included in our comprehensive package.

The Business Mastermind Courses


The Advanced Mastermind Business Courses

The Personal Growth Mastermind Courses



Business Foundations Mastermind Course

Create Your Dream Business


High level business training in a world class mastermind that provides the skills and knowledge you need to achieve success in your business and career.

The foundation programs help you to build or rebuild a successful business from the ground up, and our cutting edge curriculum will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to thrive in today competitive market

You'll gain he skills and knowledge you need to reach your goals and climb the ladder of success.

In depth Training on:

  • Mindset/Purpose & Your Big Idea
  • Vision/Goals & Your Product Portfolio
  • YourTarget Market & Marketing To Them
  • Strategic Plan & Revenue Model
  • Systems & Marketing - Make Your Brand Known
  • Team, Leadership & Communication
  • The Online Digital Business Gateway
  • Accountability & Growth - How to make it happen
Learn More About The Business Foundations Mastermind

Business Visibility Mastermind Course

Grow Your Dream Business


Our Gold Standard of Training has been experienced by thousands around the world.

Helping business and individuals increase their business visibility, their global footprint and reach new heights.

This mastermind not only provided top quality training to grow your audience and create a legacy of success, it also certifies you and launches your entry into the global arena.

You'll be certified and ready to launch the following:

  • Mindset & Performance
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Online Marketing
  • Professional Speaker
  • Professional Podcaster
  • Video Creator
  • Digital Product Developer
  • Launch & Scale
What's So Special About The Visibility Mastermind?


As with all our Masterminds you'll be not only deep diving into our immersive Visibility Mastermind, but you'll gain complete access to our groundbreaking powerhouse program The Global Impact Accelerator! Learn how in just a few weeks you'll not only be certified with high level skills, you'll launch podcasts, speaking careers, and so much more!

You can learn more about both at the links below

The Visibility Mastermind
The Global Impact Accelerator

Networking Excellence Mastermind Course

Amplify Your Dream Business


The Ultimate advanced training for building professional relationships. This mastermind will help you learn to connect with people in an effective and meaningful way.

You'll learn how to build and maintain relationships, discuss important topics and develop lasting connections.

With the next level mastermind you will master building rapport, and connecting with potential clients

You will leave never feeling fearful of networking again.

Training includes:

  • Overcoming Anxiety & Fear
  • Skills/ Building Rapport
  • Language
  • Working a room
  • Conversations/Emails
  • Helping vs Selling
  • Asking for Referrals
  • Opportunities/Events

Coaching Certification Mastermind Course

Expand Your Dream Business


This mastermind offers Professional, Coaching training and Certification which is the perfect resource for anyone seeking to improve their skills and attain professional certification, or if you want to systemize what you do so you can share your knowledge with others!

With comprehensive content and tools, this mastermind provides everything you need to reach your goals.

From marketing plans to money plans, our templates make it easy to get started.

So whether you're seeking coaching certification or just want to improve your skills.

This mastermind will help you achieve those goals:

  • Coaching Foundations
  • Business Frameworks
  • Marketing Plans
  • Revenue Plans
  • Resources
  • Coaching Scripts
  • Templates

Business Intensive Mastermind Course

Uplevel Your Dream Business


This Mastermind is a comprehensive program designed to help you accelerate business growth and take you to the next level in order to achieve your long range goals

Our Business Intensive Mastermind is more than just a program - it's a deep dive into understanding where your business is today and where it needs to go in order to achieve your goals.

Identifying opportunities for growth, developing marketing and sales strategies, and creating a financial plan that will enable you to scale your business.

This mastermind will dive deep and analyze the following:

  • Business Valuation Assessment
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Red Flags
  • Core Values Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations
  • Team, Story & Innovation 

Podcast Mastermind Course

Create Your Dream Show


This Mastermind is a powerful way to work directly with a Podcast Producer to launch your show. It will help you start your podcast or grow your existing podcast, and become the best podcaster you can be.

Helps you to build or rebuild a successful show from the ground up, and our cutting edge curriculum will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to thrive in today competitive market.

You'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to reach your goals and launch your show into the Top 100.

This mastermind will help you achieve those goals:

  • Planning Your Show
  • Interviewing and How To Be a Great Host
  • Speaking and Using Your Voice
  • Recording Your Show
  • Post-Production Tech
  • Podcast Hosting and Directory Setup
  • Launching Your Podcast
  • Long Term Plan To Keep It Going
Learn More About The Podcast Mastermind

Speaker Mastermind Course

Develop Your Dream Speaking Career


This Mastermind is based on the proven formula used by leaders, teams and individuals around the world to become world class speakers in any situation.

Change your world with the power of your voice.

You may want to speak to take your career to the next level, to build your personal brand and be paid to speak, or you just want to be comfortable speaking to anyone at anytime.

This mastermind will teach you:

  • The Speak Easy Formula - No notes, no memorization, no slides
  • Persuasive Presentations
  • Selling From The State
  • Becoming a Sought after speaker and getting booked
  • Post-Production Tech
  • Storytelling, Stagecraft and Social Media 
  • Crafting a Killer Keynote
  • How to Answer anything
  • Become the go to guest on podcasts!

Online Marketing

Social Media Mastermind Course

Master Your Dream Online Presence


This Mastermind is designed to develop and implement effective online marketing and social media strategies to increase their online presence and drive more traffic, engagement, and conversions

The course covers various aspects of online marketing and social media, including content marketing, social media advertising, email marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and analytics.

This mastermind will teach you:

  • Concepts of online marketing and social media
  • Content Marketing
  • Traffic & Engagement
  • Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Optimism Mastermind Course

Create Your Dream Life


The Future is Optimistic:
Be a Creator of Your Life, Not a Passenger

A 12 - Week Mastermind to help you create your best life

This Mastermind is a powerful way to work directly with Experts in Chaos, Change & Success.

Discover the Optimism Mastermind, an online course designed to help you unlock your inner potential and achieve success. It's the perfect choice for ambitious entrepreneurs, senior management, and personal development seekers who want to unlock their potential and take their business and life to the next level.

This mastermind will teach you:

  • The Science of Optimism
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • The Optimistic Mindset
  • Creating an Optimistic Life
  • Optimism in Business Success
  • Optimism for Relationships
  • Optimism and Self Care
Learn More About The Optimism Mastermind

Leadership Mastermind Course

Master Your Leadership Presence


This Mastermind  is designed for individuals who want to improve their leadership skills and learn from other like-minded professionals.
Through a combination of lectures, group discussions, case study analyses, and practical exercises, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the principles and skills needed to lead effectively.
Leadership Mastermind - The Mastermind City

Participants will have developed a strong foundation in leadership principles and skills, and will be equipped to apply their learning in their own professional contexts.

They will also have formed valuable connections with other like-minded professionals who they can continue to learn from and collaborate with in the future.

This mastermind will teach you:

  • Understanding your leadership style
  • Setting clear goals and expectations
  • Effective Communication
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Change
  • Building a High Performing Team
  • Leading With Vision

High Performance

Mastermind Course

Develop Your Performance Skills 


The High Performance Mastermind is ideal for individuals who are committed to achieving their full potential and are willing to invest time and effort in their personal and professional growth.
High Performance Mastermind - The Mastermind City

Designed to help individuals achieve their full potential by learning and implementing the principles of high performance in their personal and professional lives.

Through weekly group meetings, participants will engage in discussions, activities, and exercises aimed at building a strong foundation for high performance.

This mastermind will teach you:

  • Concepts of high performance
  • Clarity, Goal Setting & Accountability
  • Time Management
  • Mindset, Habits & Energy
  • Courage, Communication and Collaboration
  • Personal Development
  • Strategy, Planning & Influence
  • Resilience & Adaptability
  • Mindset and Future Strategies

Stress Management

Mastermind Course

Create Your Healthier Happier Life


Stress is a common experience that affects us all. It can be caused by a range of factors, including work, relationships, finances, and health issues. If left unmanaged, stress can have a negative impact on our physical and mental health, as well as our overall quality of life.
Stress Management Mastermind - The Mastermind City

The Stress Management Mastermind is an 8-week course designed to help participants develop the skills and strategies they need to manage stress effectively.

participants will learn how to identify the sources of stress in their lives, understand the impact of stress on their health and well-being, and develop practical techniques for managing stress.

This mastermind will cover the following:

  • The Impact of stress on body and mind
  • Identifying the sources of stress in your life
  • Effective Coping Strategies
  • Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for stress reduction
  • Exercise and Physical Activity
  • Improving Sleep Quality and Quantity
  • Nutrition and Stress Management
  • Developing healthy habits and routines




Here's What You Can Expect In Our Immersive Masterminds 
Take a Look


Each Mastermind Course Is Accessible All Year

Weekly Interactive Group Coaching

All Live Replays + Edited Videos Available All Year

Weekly Live Q&A and Hot Seats

Everything is accessible 24/7 from anywhere!

Scripts, Templates, Cheatsheets, Workbooks

Access online or via The Mastermind City App

Weekly Interactive

Accountability Groups


Weekly Study Lounge and Q & A

The Study Lounge is the perfect place for busy professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and get the most out of their learning.

We offer a dedicated weekly online space to to carve out time to work on your business

With a focus on accountability, we encourage you to dedicate time each week to come to the study lounge each week to ask questions and meet up with fellow masterminders

Our live Q&A each week is your opportunity to get one on one time with our Founders Fay Chapple and Stacy Maynard. They've worked with thousands of organizations and individuals around the world and its's your opportunity to pick their brains and ask questions plus receive immediate feedback. 

We're dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

And because we know that success isn't guaranteed – no matter how talented or hard-working you are – we offer accountability and feedback systems that will help you stay on track.


Hot Seat Opportunity

A truly unique experience that can be worth millions of dollars in revenue to someone in the "hot seat" 

So what's a hot seat? First attributed to Jay Abraham, jay popped a student into a "hot seat" grilled them with questions about their problems and in a short time frame solved every one of them!


A hot seat is truly the FASTEST way to learn the most valuable lessons in minutes instead of years.

Imagine, you don't know what direction to take, your business is suffering, you think your problem is unique. But what if you could get direction on exactly how to solve your problems right away!

It's not magic, it's just leveraging all the experience that Fay Chapple and Stacy Maynard have. From working with global Fortune 500 companies, franchisees, professionals to entrepreneurs and influencers.

Mastermind hot seats not only solve the problems that the participant has but the entire group is learning at warp speed!

When you participate in a hot seat you will never be the same again, your problem solving and thinking become sharper and clearer!

Hot seats are available all our masterminders, all you have to do is apply for a hot seat - there is NO additional cost, although the value you will be receiving is priceless!


The Mastermind Courses & Coaching 

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  • 20 + online Mastermind Courses, with access to every new one added
  • Live Coaching call every week with world class instructors
  • Live Hot Seats whenever you need
  • Live Q&A every week
  • Global Online Networking with Mastermind City Members
  • Pop Up Training, Workshops & Events
  • Access to LIVE local Community Events
  • Custom Profile & Directory
  • Access Online or via The Mastermind City APP (ios & android)

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