The Network @ Mastermind City is the only Private Membership Network focused on Engaging Community, Professional Networking, Immersive Masterminds & High Level Business Education
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The Network @ Mastermind City is the only Private Membership Network focused on Engaging Community, Professional Networking, Immersive Masterminds & High Level Business Education
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The Network is for ambitious, driven, and fearless people in business who want to be ahead of the curve, inspired to grow and succeed, and want to make a difference in their community.

Membership Designed for Today’s Professionals

The Network is a unique community for building relationships, developing business & success in everyones life. 


We take you beyond your current lifestyle and encourage you to explore new ideas and strategies that will help you learn how to attract what you want into your life.

Our network has helped thousands of people all over the world, who have used what they learned to create remarkable change in their lives, both professionally and personally. We bring together some of the world's top experts in a truly unique, one-of-a-kind environment. The Network is a community built around helping entrepreneurs grow and succeed.

We provide a forum to learn from and network with other entrepreneurs, as well as access to educational masterminds, private social events, access to some of the highest level mentors in the business and finance world, and member only benefits like pre-release copies of our newsletter. Members are part of a community that shares knowledge, helps each other grow and succeed.  

The Best Of The Best...Helping You Get It Right.  


Where Many Network

Make- Believers fail, We Succeed

We are an online social network for business leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs focused on helping community members connect with businesses and individuals related to their area in order to up level each others businesses!




As a Network Member, you'll have access to all of our premium services. Our members are part of a diverse and global community who come together to share life-changing insights and connections. 

  • A Network of the best of the best
  • We make it easy to connect with experts
  • Be the leader you want to be

A place where you can build your network and discover new opportunities.


Build powerful relationships with members across the globe in every industry


Launch, Scale and Grow your business through Masterminds, Cutting Edge Training, New Introductions, and Professional Referrals



Connect and develop mutually beneficial partnerships that will help to propel your business forward in exciting new ways


Behind our doors, you’ll find EVERYTHING you need to turn your idea into a profitable, thriving business
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Weekly ONLINE Networking

The Network Masterminds

Monthly Virtual Book Club

Master It Monthly Business Training

Weekly Study Lounge and Q & A

Monthly Hot Seat Opportunity

Professional Directory

Online Community Group

In-Person Clubhouse Morning Meetings

In-Person Clubhouse Lunch/Dinner 

In-Person Special Clubhouse Events

Monthly Welcome Calls

Online Member Spotlights 

Fall & Spring International Retreats 

Downloadable App 

Find Members Wherever You Are


Weekly Online Networking

The Network is a bustling, interactive and dynamic community of global members coming together and working to achieve greatness every day.

Exercise your mind, meet new people from around the world each and every week, and expand business relationships.

The Network takes a different approach to network building. We focus on cultivating deep connections between members rather than cultivating a fixed number of new introductions.

The Network allows members to interact with other members, as well as members of other Mastermind groups around the world to expand their personal networks. Members can also post questions and receive answers directly from their fellow Masterminds.


Four High Impact Masterminds Running All Year 

Learn The Secrets Through Masterminds That Bring Business Success.

Masterminds are legendary, world-changing groups of people who are each other’s biggest fans and most trusted advisors

But The Network Masterminds are for all our private members. 

Join us every week and you’ll learn The Mastermind secrets that bring business success to millions of people.

Business Foundations Mastermind

High level business training in a world class mastermind that provides the skills and knowledge you need to achieve success in your business and career.

The foundation programs help you to build or rebuild a successful business from the ground up, and our cutting edge curriculum will equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to thrive in today's competitive market

You'll gain the skills and knowledge you need to reach your goals and climb the ladder of success

In depth Training on:

  • Mindset & Purpose
  • Vision/Goals
  • Target Market
  • Strategic Plan/Revenue
  • Systems
  • Team/Leadership
  • Communication
  • Accountability/Growth
Business Visibility Mastermind

Our Gold Standard of Training has been experienced by thousands around the world.

Helping business and individuals increase their business visibility, their global footprint and reach new heights.

This mastermind not only provides top quality training to grow your audience and create a legacy of success, it also certifies you and launches your entry into the global arena.

You'll be certified and ready to launch the following:

  • Mindset & Performance
  • Branding & Messaging
  • Online Marketing
  • Professional Speaker
  • Professional Podcaster
  • Video Creator
  • Digital Product Developer
  • Launch & Scale
Networking Excellence Mastermind

The Ultimate advanced training for building professional relationships.

This mastermind will help you learn to connect with people in an effective and meaningful way.

You'll learn how to build and maintain relationships, discuss important topics and develop lasting connections.

With the next level mastermind you will master building rapport, and connecting with potential clients

You will leave never feeling fearful of networking again.

Training includes:

  • Overcoming Anxiety & Fear
  • Skills/ Building Rapport
  • Language
  • Working a room
  • Conversations/Emails
  • Helping vs Selling
  • Asking for Referrals
  • Opportunities/Events


Coaching Certification Mastermind

This mastermind offers Professional, Coaching training and Certification which is the perfect resource for anyone seeking to improve their skills and attain professional certification

With comprehensive content and tools, this mastermind provides everything you need to reach your goals.

From marketing plans to money plans, our templates make it easy to get started.

So whether you're seeking coaching certification or just want to improve your skills.

This mastermind will help you achieve those goals:

  • Coaching Foundations
  • Business Frameworks
  • Marketing Plans
  • Revenue Plans
  • Resources
  • Coaching Scripts
  • Templates

Weekly Study Lounge and Q & A

The Study Lounge is the perfect place for busy professionals who want to stay ahead of the curve and get the most out of their learning.

We offer a dedicated weekly online space to carve out time to work on your business

With a focus on accountability, we encourage you to dedicate time each week to come to the study lounge each week to ask questions and meet up with fellow masterminders

Our live Q&A each week is your opportunity to get one on one time with our Founders Fay Chapple and Stacy Maynard.  They've worked with thousands of organizations and individuals around the world and it's your opportunity to pick their brains and ask questions plus receive immediate feedback. 

We're dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

And because we know that success isn't guaranteed – no matter how talented or hard-working you are – we offer accountability and feedback systems that will help you stay on track.


Hot Seat Opportunity

A truly unique experience that can be worth millions of dollars in revenue to someone in the "hot seat" 

So what's a hot seat? First attributed to Jay Abraham, Jay popped a student into a "hot seat" grilled them with questions about their problems and in a short time frame solved every one of them!

A hot seat is truly the FASTEST way to learn the most valuable lessons in minutes instead of years.

Imagine, you don't know what direction to take, your business is suffering, you think your problem is unique. But what if you could get direction on exactly how to solve your problems right away!

It's not magic, it's just leveraging all the experience that Fay Chapple and Stacy Maynard have. From working with global Fortune 500 companies, franchisees, professionals to entrepreneurs and influencers.

Mastermind hot seats not only solve the problems that the participant has but the entire group is learning at warp speed!

When you participate in a hot seat you will never be the same again, your problem solving and thinking become sharper and clearer!

Hot seats are available all our masterminders, all you have to do is apply for a hot seat - there is NO additional cost, although the value you will be receiving is priceless!


Master It Monthly Business Training

We like to call it your UNFAIR advantage! Because we do all the research for you, all you have to do is join us once a month where we share with you the latest techniques, trends and cutting edge business insights that you can implement right away!

We share what's working right now in the marketplace from funnels, emails, online products, corporate trends, side hustles, publicity and everything in between!

Join every month with your mind open and your notebook in hand! We'll not only share the latest but we will be giving you a step by step action plan so that you can implement the learning right away!



Monthly Virtual Book Club

Why a book club? Most busy professionals consider a book club a hobby, but reading can help to bring your career and business success. But how? Reading can enhance communications skills, reduce stress, improve focus, concentration, agility while also sharpening your skills set while interacting with like minded peers.

We know that the book club will make a massive difference to you personally and professionally.  

But here at the network we wanted to go one step further. Each month we'll not only meet and review the current book, but we will be going one step deeper!.

We call it an ACTION CLASS and what we do is together come up with an action plan of implementation so that you can actually start utilizing everything you learned from the book!

Immersive, interactive, engaging and fun!  


Professional Directory &
Online Community Group 

Get instant access to a global community of professional peers.  A world-class network of engaged and motivated professionals.
The Network is a comprehensive business networking platform for all types of professionals. 

Local Clubhouses - Live Events!


The Network Clubhouses are IN PERSON Local Chapters, run by Clubhouse Directors whose mission is to create a live space to meet, share, learn and have fun!  
And best of all our members are members at ALL our Clubhouses! Anywhere around the globe!

In-Person Clubhouse Morning Meetings


In-Person Clubhouse Lunch/Dinner Meetings



Clubhouse Events

The Network Clubhouse's are committed to changing the way we network.

Supportive, engaging, non competitive we aim to foster a supportive network for professionals and business leaders eager to elevate their businesses.

Your membership includes rich educational opportunities, including monthly breakfasts, and special events!

You'll also gain exclusive access to community calls, members-only forums, and private community groups located in different cities around the globe!.

Want To Open A Clubhouse in Your Community? Learn More

Welcome Calls

Our Welcome calls take place the first Monday of every month.

The calls are a digital meetup where you will have the opportunity to meet with members from all over the world and learn more about your journey at The Network.

The call is always engaging and inspiring - you'll have a chance to jump into break out rooms and really get to know each other while doing some fun exercises!

Our welcome event is NOT just for new members, it's also an opportunity for our existing members to meet the newbies and share your experiences with them!

They benefit, you benefit, we all benefit!

If you are an existing member and want to experience the excitement of a new member then join us!

Welcome Events are a "don't miss" event!


Member Spotlights

The Member Spotlight Program is an opportunity for you to showcase what you know best: you, your business, where you work or area of expertise!

It is an opportunity for new or existing members to introduce themselves and showcase their expertise while taking advantage of The Networks extensive  presence.

Local Member Spotlights are available through our local Clubhouse Events at no charge to our members.

There are also Global Members Spotlights  opportunities to participate in online reaching ALL our global members!


Fall and Spring International Retreats

The best way to accelerate growth and have some fun on the side is a participating in a business retreat.

We run two specially curated events each year where people are brought together in a group and travel to an amazing destination.

Focused learning while helping each other cultivate their next big step mixed with beautiful surroundings, great food and fun!

Retreats are wildly effective for improving your overall vision setting a new path ahead!

Stepping away from routine, a weekend or week of exciting learning and meeting new friends may be exactly what you need to move yourself into high gear!

Our Fall Retreat Weekend - is a quick respite before the holiday season, with a strong focus on personal development and high performance

While our Spring Week Long Adventure focuses on ideation, innovation and bringing our business to the next level all while enjoying an exotic location!

These exclusive Retreats are only available to our Network members

Custom Online Platform 

Downloadable App

With a shift towards mobile use, it is important that you can reach your Network Community from both your desktop and your mobile device. 

Enabling both mobile and desktop access allows members to enjoy the benefits of being part of a community at their fingertips.

Connect with your fellow network members from wherever you are. Access EVERYTHING from both desktop and mobile applications.

Our member map can connect you with members in any city wherever you are.

Happen to be in Paris? Check the app and see who else is there!

Direct message, chat, post and so much more!



JOIN US! A Community To Make Your Dreams Come True

The Network is a premium membership program featuring an array of engaging content, opportunities and events to help you realize your ambitions. With classroom-style training and in-person masterminds with world-class experts, you’ll get the inside scoop on success.

Are You Ready To Move Up?




The Full Compliment of Events, Masterminds and Classes commences January 1, 2023.  Select number of Founders Memberships are available for a very limited time.

Learn More About The Full Day Workshop here >>

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The Network @ Mastermind City is the only Private Membership Network focused on Engaging Community, Professional Networking, Immersive Masterminds & High Level Business Education



Why wait for someone else to start your network?

Create the local network you want. Start a local Clubhouse in your community with people that want to grow long term relationships and help each other grow their business. 

Build Your Very Own Local Network And Be Inspired To Lead



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Book a call. We would be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

Connect with one of our founders to learn more about The Network, what's included in your membership and how it will uplevel everything in your business ventures.

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