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From Factory Worker For 20+ Years to Running Elite Entrepreneur Dinners, Keynote Speaking At Top Conferences & Coaching Already Successful Business Owners, Linda Shares How The Mastermind Changed Her Life.



After spending thousands of dollars and years of taking courses without success, learn how Jennie uplevelled her business and got on line in a matter of months!


After Stacey’s business plateaued, she needed to develop a strategic plan for growth and increased results. She knew she had to move forward and had more to share, but wasn’t sure how, until she discovered Fay Chapple’s Elite Mastermind!



Tammy was dabbling in two focus areas, unsure and unclear on the why of her business. Through The Mastermind, Tammy realized that she had so much more to offer and went on to design her niche, implement multi-level offers, and expand her client base.


Heather was uncomfortable with technology and overwhelmed by options. She knew she needed help to grow her business to a new level and fill in learning gaps. She decided to invest in herself through The Mastermind because realized that she couldn’t afford not to, and now it is paying off in confidence, support, and sales.



When illness hit Katherine’s family she needed to leave her career in corporate communications. She did her research to find the right Mastermind for her and was bowled over by the possibilities and untapped talent that Fay saw in her. She’s building a prosperous future and a family legacy for her children and grandchildren.


Teresa Syms is a survivor of childhood abuse, neglect, sexual assault, spousal abuse and a near death car accident.  She uses personal experience combined with her education to teach other people that there is more for us in this world.  

Teresa is a Author, Coach, Podcast Host and Speaker



Sonal Raje is an Artist and Creativity Coach. She is actively involved in the local art associations, as well as global ventures that promote the arts.

Sonal needed help with her message and growing her business until she was introduced to Global Impact Accelerator.  It helped her take her business to the next level.  


aka The Numbers Guy. He works with Entrepreneurs to take away the hassles of accounting needs to ensure you have real time support and real time information to allow you to make your business decisions and never worry about the hassles that go with accounting function. 

Collin wanted to develop new business strategies to grow his business and brought in Fay, Stacy and the GIA program into his business and immediately saw results. 


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