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Top 10 Goal Hacking Strategies

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So what's a hack?

It's just a clever tip or technique for doing or improving something.  Hacks are supposed to act as a shortcut the result you want

A goal setting hack is, therefore, a way to help ensure an outcome through the use of a one of these clever techniques!

Study after study has proven that if certain strategies or hacks are implemented the likelihood of sticking to your goal is quadrupled in the success rate that occurs!

So do you want to know what those hacks are?

After all when you implement this goal hacks just watch your commitment level to your goals soar!

All ten hacks are actionable on their own, but if you implement as many as you can the extra boost will add to your success rate even further!

Here we go:


Goal Hack #1 - Write It Down

Write your goal down. When you commit to writing something down it becomes real.  You are physically taking action on your goals.  You're making it visible and therefore there is no hiding, or forgetting about it!


Goal Hack #2 - Keep Score

Goals that are tracked and measured are goals that you will be moving towards achieving.  You have a clear and precise target.

You will know if you're making an impact by keeping score. 

I remember when my son wanted to play soccer, so I signed him up. After his first game he wanted to quit.  I asked him why? He said will you know Mom , they don't keep score and they're not even taking the standings?  There's no playoffs, no scores,  so what's the point? I don't know how I' doing if I don't see my numbers.  If you agree with him or not you have to admit we all like to keep score and we like to know how we are doing.

Measuring and tracking are key to keeping you motivated


Goal Hack #3 - Bet On Yourself

Sometimes the pain of losing something is more motivational than the pleasure of achieving something!

Generally if we wager on a goal we don't want to lose so we're going to try to attain it.

If you like this one, my favourite way to implement this is simply attach a very large cash value to your goal. 

Sounds kind of silly but lets see how this works.  If your goal is to eat healthy every meal this week you can put $100 wager beside each meal.

If you choose to not eat healthy and you have to put $100 into an envelope and mail it out to a charity of your choice.  You heard me you must mail it out right after you miss your goal.

If you make 3 bad choices in one day then you're going to mail out $300 that same night  - without hesitation and that's likely going to hurt!  So make betting on yourself a real bet

You can also bet on yourself positively.  Same example make a weeks worth of good choices and reward yourself by going to the movies, or something you enjoy


Goal Hack #4 - Start Starting

One of my favourite hacks is to start starting! Taking a first step is one of the most positive ways to move forward on a goal. The idea is to act (start), because action changes things.

Set some small step to take toward your goal in the first 24 hours after setting the goal.

The difference between failure and success may simply be taking the first step.  It's really that simple.  Taking baby steps can help you to sidestep procrastination and can shift making that big overwhelming goal into small more manageable ones


Goal Hack #5 - Community Pressure

By sharing your goals with your family, friends, peers or community you feel the added excitement of making it happen.

You might even find someone to take on the same goal!  A common goal could make the effort seem much more fun and exciting!


Goal Hack #6 - Find A Mentor

Find someone who's an expert at the goal you want to achieve and hire them to be your mentor or coach. They've been there, they know what it takes to win,  and it can lead you down the right path fast 1

If I was starting all over again,  I would get a really great mentor and save myself years of learning and thousands of dollars.

S0metimes we're worried about investing in something, but the reality is to do it on your own will take you double, triple,  and perhaps quadruple the time would take doing it on your own.


Goal Hack #7 - Visualize The Way

Visualize the how rather than focus on the goal.  Visualize instead on the process or how you're going to achieve the goal.

Visualize clearly the steps you're going to be taking to get there.  but not the final outcome.   By focusing on how you will get there, and the steps you will take,  it will take your mind off the big goal so that it seems less daunting.


Goal Hack #8 - I Screwed Up Effect

Everyone does it at one time or another. I'm sure it's happened to you!

You might have the best intentions to achieve your goal. You're taking action. And then you slip up it!

It could be eating the cheese cake while you're committed to a healthier lifestyle, or maybe just not doing your cold calls each day.

Whatever it is, you screwed up.  You may say to yourself "Well I blew it , so I quit"  Instead of quitting, accept you made the mistake and get right back on track!  If you're able to  forgive yourself for the mishap, then you're more apt to get back on track!


Goal Hack #9 - Know Your Sunk Costs

Sometimes we find ourselves doing all the right things.  But no matter what we just aren't gaining any traction.

Sometimes an external factor be the cause.

When things happen out of your control that hurts your chance of reaching your goal, you need to understand your sunk costs.

What are they?

Sunk costs remind us how much we are spending on achieving that goal but now we know we can't achieve it so we need to know when to change the plan

For example your goal may be to spend 1K a day on facebook ads to bring in revenue. Facebook now changes the algorithms (out of your control) and the results are no longer coming.  You need to stop the ads, and the strategy of allocating money here before you "sink" any more money on this strategy


Goal Number #10 - If Then Plan

Following along on the previous hack, this hack is the contingency plan. 

You stopped the strategy that was costing you money, now you need to have a plan b to ensure your goals are back on track

You may need to re adjust your goals and/or strategies to keep it going!

Get started hacking your goals now

You can print out this fancy little chart,  put it up on your wall and get hacking!



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