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The Two Secrets To Make Your SMART Goals Attainable

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It's that time of year for setting goals for your business for the year ahead.

We all know the most important aspect is to set up SMART goals. Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

This means your goals should be clear, quantifiable, achievable, relevant to your business, and have a deadline for completion.  but there are two more components that can help to ensure success.  

What are they? Your goals should be


  Feel Good

A positive goal is something that you want to achieve. The key with a positive goal is just to ensure that you define what your goal means to you. For example a positive goal may be to gain 4 new clients or generate 40K in additional revenue

While a negative goal is something that you do not want to achieve.  For example to not lose any clients this year or to not lose any total revenue numbers.

When setting goals, it is important to keep your goals positive. It can be very tempting to try and set negative goals. However, negative goals are about stopping something bad from happening. Positive goals involve creating something good.

An important part of achieving your goals is feeling good about them. Do you actually feel good when you think about your goals? If you are like most people, probably not.

The reason why this is important is that if you feel good about your goals, then you will be more likely to take action when the idea is presented to you.

If you feel good about your goals, then you are more likely to do them in the right way. What I mean by this is that you are more likely to measure progress. If you measure progress, then you know if you are getting closer or further away.

If you feel good about your goals, then you are more likely to have support. When you really do feel like your goals are something good to aim for, then you have other people who are going to be supportive of you and that you want to support.

If you feel good about your goals, then you will persuade other people in your network to support them. Getting other people involved will help keep you on track.

If you feel good about your goals, then you will probably achieve them. If you do not feel good, then it is likely that you will never achieve them, because you're not feeling as committed

It is something that many of us struggle with. Most of us will set a goal, think about doing so and then never get around to doing it.

What makes achieving our goals difficult?

The number one reason for people not reaching their goals is lack of motivation.

It is easy to see why. If you set a goal and you do not feel positive or motivated, then it is unlikely that you will even attempt it.

So, what can you do to assure your goals are attainable?

Make them SMART and ADD that they are positive and feel good to you for the year ahead!


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