One Minute Meditation With Fay Chapple

The One Minute Fix - Eliminate Stress, Experience Instant Calm

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One minute meditation has been proven to offer multiple benefits for mental and physical health.  

This type of meditation is especially beneficial for busy people who don't have time to sit down and practice a longer session.

One minute meditation can be done anywhere at any time in just one minute. It helps to slow down breathing, relax the body and increase inner awareness.

During this exercise, it’s important to forget about everything else but internal stillness by focusing on your breath or repeating a mantra silently in your head.

Taking that extra moment out of your day can help you become more mindful so you can make better decisions throughout the day with less stress or anxiety weighing you down.


Here's How To Do A One Minute Meditation:


  1. One minute meditation is all about being mindful for just 60 seconds – focusing on your breath and being aware of your body’s sensations as they come and go.
  2. To begin, sit comfortably in a chair or cross-legged on the floor with your spine straight but relaxed so that your chest is open. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths then let them flow naturally without forcing any particular pattern or rhythm onto them. Take deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth; with each exhale imagine all tension melting away from your body. Focus on how these deep breaths make you feel more relaxed until the timer ends.
  3. That's It!  If you have the ability to breath you have the ability to practice meditation!


Here's Two Ways To Add Some Interest In The Same One Minute:

    One Minute Color Meditation

  • Sit Comfortably and breathe deeply
  • What color would you associate with Calm? (for example blue)
  • What color would you associate with Stress or Overwhelm (for example black)
  • Set your timer for one minute
  • Close your eyes.  Breathe in imagining breathing in the color blue (calm) and breath out the color black (stress/overwhelm)
  • Repeat this and imagine the blue washing through your body and calming everything while imaging the stress and overwhelm leaving your body (the black)
  • Continue until your timer goes off.  slowly open your eyes


One Minute Stress Relief Meditation

  • Set your timer for one minute
  • Close your eyes or keep them focused on an object in front of you
  • Inhale deeply for a count of four
  • Exhale deeply for a count of five
  • Continue this pattern
  • Picture a light coming down from the top of your head
  • Allow this light to travel down through your body scanning for any area of tension or tightness
  • When the light hits any of these areas, allow it to wash away and release it
  • Continue until you hear your timer, or as long as you need


Studies have shown that even taking just one minute to meditate can provide enormous benefits, such as improved focus, enhanced clarity and greater relaxation.

Whether you’re new to meditation or looking for a quick way to reset your mental state throughout the day, this one minute meditation will give you an instant calming effect.


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