How frequent is too frequent?

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One of the question I get asked the most regarding online marketing is “how often should I post?” One article says this and one article says that… one article says to post at this time and one article says another time.  Your head keeps spinning with “what is the right answer?”

I’m here to tell you that there IS a magic formula.  It’s called the High Frequency Effect.  I’ve heard it all…. “Won’t people get sick of seeing me?”, “Won’t they stop following?”, “When does posting a lot become too much?”.  The simple answer is no...  They won’t get sick of seeing you, they won’t stop following you and it is never too often.  Seriously… 

Here’s how it works.  When people see you “everywhere” or “frequently”, they take notice.  If they only see you once in awhile, they won’t remember you.  In order to have impact, they need to see you... often.  

Do you know what causes people to stop following you? Poor content.  If you constantly post something pointless, people will stop paying attention.  If you post something interesting or useful, people pay attention.  If you post interesting or useful... frequently, they will pay attention even more.

Imagine... a connection of yours is scrolling through their favourite social media feed and they see that someone is looking for exactly what you offer. Two things can happen. 

  1. They can wrack their brains thinking of who they know that does that.
  2. They can immediately respond with a suggestion to contact you. 

You would want #2, right?  And why were you top of mind for your connection to immediately think of you and offer your name as a suggestion?  Because you stayed in front of them.  Because you posted frequently.  

Instead of thinking that you are posting too often, think of it as a marketing strategy to keep you and your brand top of mind with the best kept secret, the High Frequency Effect.  

Want to learn more about how the frequency effect works with being visible so you can gain more impact?  Check out our webinar that focuses on the 3 ways you can increase your impact, influence and income to become micro famous in your niche.


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