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The Founders Of GIA and Your Master Trainers

Fay Chapple

Award Winning Global Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Master Speaker Trainer. Fay has been been helping multinational corporations and global entrepreneurs create, launch and expand their brands on a global scale for over 30 years.

Launching new brands, reinvigorating existing brands, Strategy and Product Development, Global Expansion, Communications, Leadership, Change Management, and Innovation are Fay's key areas of expertise.

Fay has spoken on the largest stages around the world and inspired thousands of organizations and individuals with proven strategies, that guarantee results even in the most difficult times.

Fay has worked with global multinationals developing global entry plans, operating and strategic plans, launching new brands, new retail concepts, franchise systems and more.

Stacy Maynard

Award Winning Global Producer, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Master Podcast Trainer. From sales strategy to working with key business executives to marketing, Stacy was at the hub of it all. She was able to sit with key executives to talk about business strategy and work closely with corporate branding, marketing and sales.

Having spent hours in front of the computer searching and finding information on all things Autism, she learned how the online world worked first hand. The most important thing was to build relationships online with businesses and create those important connections. After years of helping businesses with all things Tech & Social Media, she focused on LinkedIn, Live Streaming & Podcasting for their high level of professionalism, business focused content and ability to truly connect with other professionals.

Stacy works with corporate teams and entrepreneurs alike to make their strategy work for their business, brand and bottom line.

Linda Sztanko

Confidence Coach & Mentor

"Don't give yourself excuses to stay where you are. Fay and Stacy will give your the confidence, strategy and tools to launch you new brand, or scale and existing business to heights you never imagined before"

Collin Miles

CEO, Miles Better

"I’ve been working with Fay Chapple for the last six months as a business mentor and have come to really appreciate her desire for me to be successful and the support that she gives you is second to none"

"Stacy Maynard's sense of passion is evident in everything she teaches She has been a real support as we transition here at Miles Better into podcasting, videoing and more"

Carolyn Dickinson

Global Executive Coach, Founder of The Life Success Board System

"Working with Fay has changed my world. She showed me how to take my Vision and truly bring it to life. Fay’s strategic and technical knowledge has been priceless. I can’t image not ever having her as part of my team!"

"Stacy is my behind the scenes tech support person that always has an answer for whatever challenge I am having.  She is easy and fun to work with and I cannot imagine running my business without her.  Thank you, Stacy, for being on my team."


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