Using Community to Grow your Podcast and Business

It’s often stated that podcast listeners are loyal. The best shows are ones they make us feel connected to a larger group of like-minded people. That is why community and podcasting to hand in hand. When a listener feels a personal connection to a show, they’re much more likely to love it. But then what? Most podcasters point listeners towards their social channels or to a dedicated email address after the show. Listeners want opportunities to interact with you and it’s also important to create a space where they can interact with each other too. And Facebook groups are no longer working. 

A key aspect of any good launch strategy is building a community. When it comes to launching a show, having an engaged community of listeners will help spread the word, and make sure your podcast gets noticed.

If you're looking to build up your community before launch day, there are some great strategies. Start by engaging with people in a community: join conversations in related groups or comment on posts that pique your interest. Networking at events or online meet-ups can also be hugely beneficial - use these opportunities to connect with like minded individuals who might be interested in listening when you launch. Additionally, consider guest posting on other podcasts or writing articles for relevant blogs - this helps introduce potential new listeners to your voice and content.

It’s more than business:
it’s community.

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