Is your brand human enough by Fay Chapple

Is Your Brand Human Enough? Does It Need To Be?

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How can brands better connect with their audience on an individual level? What does it mean to “humanize” your brand?

An effective brand strategy is a cornerstone of any successful business. What's often overlooked, however, is how brands can connect with their audience on an individual level and humanize their brand.

By taking steps to bridge the gap between the public perception of your brand and its true identity, you can create a strong emotional connection with your customers that will last for years to come.


But what does it mean to humanize your brand?


At its core, it means understanding who your target market is, what their needs and aspirations are, and using that knowledge to craft meaningful interactions that engage them in the conversation.

It could be as simple as responding to customer feedback or engaging in conversations on social media; whatever form it takes though, it should always present an authentic version of who you are as a company.

In the digital age, it can be challenging to make your brand stand out among the competition.

Having a strong brand strategy is essential for success, but this isn’t enough.

To take things one step further and create an even more positive customer experience, brands need to focus on humanizing their presence.

Companies need to ensure that customers can connect with them on an emotional level and view them as more than just a company selling products or services.

Here are some tips on how brands can build meaningful relationships with their customers and humanize their presence:


  • First, businesses should strive to offer personalized customer service which helps create deeper connections between customers and the business itself. This could include providing in persona - personal recommendations and advice tailored specifically to individual customers needs or inquiries.

  • Second, businesses should ensure that their customer service is available through a variety of channels including phone, email, chat and social media. The more accessible the service, the more likely customers are to engage with it.

  • Third, Personalized Engagement everywhere, A customer is more likely to be satisfied with their interaction with a business if they feel like it has a personal touch. Businesses can do this by ensuring that they speak to the customer in a manner which is appropriate to them and their situation even when it is an online interaction devoid of human interaction. For example, businesses should customize their messages based on each customers email address and avoid using templates which are not tailored to each individual.

  • Four, Individualized Engagement: This is similar to personalized engagement except that it goes a step further. It involves giving customers the opportunity to collect and use their data, while at the same time allowing them to adjust their engagement preferences with the business. .


Remember at the end of the day, people want to interact with people. They want to feel appreciated and that their participation with your brand matters.

What have you done today to make that happen?



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