Award Winning Global Business Strategists, Producers and Marketers, this power team has been delivering high level results for Entrepreneurs, Top Multinationals and High Performing Individuals for over 30+ years!

Their track record for creating Unique Brand Messages and Strategies and achieving Top Visibility for their clients is second to none!

Tens of thousands of individuals have utilized their custom designed strategies, masterminds and programs to achieve success after success.

How can you work with us?

Uniquely Customized and Highly Sought After Group and Private Masterminds, Designed to Fuel Success

Cutting edge coaching created to facilitate immediate answers and direction without long term commitments!

The Global Impact Accelerator (GIA) is the premium cornerstone foundation program for creating impact, influence and income for highly regarded brands.

It's time to...

Build Your Unique Message

Showcase Your Brand Advantage

Get Visibility

Make an Impact

Fuel Your Success

Let's make a lasting impact on a global scale

Signature Offers

Brand Jumpstart Coaching

💫 Get our eyes focused solely on your business! We’ll show you how to make your brand more unique, visible, impactful and profitable!

💫 A Super quick solution to walk away with a highly engaging brand message, philosophy, or nail down your next big idea!

Here’s how it works:

1. Step One – Complete Your Purchase

2. Step Two – Complete The Questionnaire (you’ll get this after purchase)

3. Step Three – Schedule your 60 minute zoom call (you'll get this after purchase)

4. Step Four – After our meeting you’ll receive a package of everything we discussed including copy, headlines, ideas and more to use right away!

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1 Day Coach

💫 A new On-Demand Business Coaching program from Mastermind City. Enjoy access to Fay and Stacys business expertise for 1 full day.

💫 1 Day Coach is virtual coach & mentor for entrepreneurs who want to get outside of their social circle and learn some practical tactics to grow their business.

Are you struggling to figure out what to do next in your business? But you don’t need an entire 1:1 coaching program but you want to stay focused on your business with individualized support?

With 1 Day Coach you can chat via text app with Fay and Stacy all day! Relaxed support from your home at an affordable price.

Quickly ask questions, run your ideas by us and get direct feedback without having to wait for your next coaching call! You’ve got us all day!


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1 Day Mastermind

💫 A fully loaded VIP Day designed to provide a complete solution for exactly what you are looking for! Both Stacy and Fay will be live with you for 1 Day via Zoom working solely on your business!

What kinds of 1 Day Masterminds are available:
Brand & Messaging
Online Marketing
Products, Services and Offers
Growing Your Business


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Visibility Mastermind

 💫  3 Month High Energy Group Program designed for entrepreneurs that are ready to take action using our powerful visibility ladder system to create impactful messaging, launch irresistible services and products and achieve high level profits!

💫 Create a Brand that stands out from the crowd and doesn’t really on ever changing algorithms or the last social media fad. Walk away with an unforgettable brand that stands the test of time!

Here’s What You Will Cover:

  • Craft Your Unique Message, Brand, Tag lines and Story

  • Set yourself up as the authority or leader in you micro niche

  • Create Your Offers including pricing, delivery and marketing

  • Create Your Launch Plan including marketing plans, funnels, and email sequence (and access all of our own template free!)

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Online Program
Global Impact Accelerator

Global Impact Accelerator & Visibility School

💫 You have a message, passion or expertise you want to share with the world but you're not sure how?

💫 Finally ready to launch or relaunch your brand the right way?

In 8 Weeks:

✅ Get Crystal Clear On Your Message And What You Offer and What Problems You Solve!
✅ Launch Your Podcast or Learn How To Get Booked as A Top Guest.
✅ Learn to Speak Without Notes, Slides or Memorization and Get Booked and Paid.
✅ Launch Your Video Brand on YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok or Anywhere. Learn How To Be Camera Ready.
✅ Create and Optimize Your Presence Across All Social Media Channels.
✅ Turn Your Idea or Expertise Into Digital Product With Recurring Revenue.

You get a step by step roadmap, live training, live weekly q&a, launch checklists, and so much more!

GIA will show you exactly what to do and when and what not to do. Without the stress and guesswork!


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