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"YES This is the SAME Profile Plug and Play Framework That We've Used To Successfully Turn Our Clients Into Being Seen As An Expert With Waitlists of Clients!!!

(Normally $597 - For Just $7) !!!

From Stacy Maynard
Toronto, Ontario

Dear friend,


Hey, my name is Stacy Maynard, and I'm here today because I want to give you something that I call the "Ultimate Profile System."

This is my framework and my course for how to be seen as an expert online and stand out amongst your competition.

But before I give you access to the Ultimate Profile System, I want to tell you the backstory about how it was created...

This is NOT something that I just made up one day, and hoped it would work, I spent OVER 10 years testing and perfecting this system for you!

This is what happened....

10 years ago, I was scrolling through my social media feed, noticing all the experts in my field who where posting publications and media they were being featured in. I was frustrated not knowing why I wasn't getting any calls to be a guest.

But what happened next, completely confused me.

I saw an expert featured on a huge stage! and... 

I realized the this 'expert" was one of my former students! I knew that something was wrong, I wasn't being seen as the expert, but somehow my student was!

I started scrolling through this former students posts and features, and I still remember what happened...
I saw my student being featured in articles, lives and podcasts that I wanted to be featured in!
I searched further and saw a reel of my student speaking at a very respected conference. Her whole speech was there. At the end of her speech she asked the audience if she could make an offer. 
After everyone agreed, she made a special offer for her $5000 VIP Day! The exact same training that she went through with me!
And what happened next changed my life.

I watched people get excited about her offer

...they were running up to her excited to be able to work with this expert!

I sat there watched on my screen and counted the number of  people that lined up to speak with her.

I started adding up the number of people that were lined up because they wanted a VIP day with her.

$  5,000...

and people were still walking towards her!

$25,000 from one 
30 minute presentation!

I spent the next few hours scrolling and watching featured expert after expert take the stage to applause, respect and so much more over the next few days...

Over and over again the presenters were heralded as experts, and getting asked to share their knowledge on podcasts, conferences and other places.  

I knew that I was just as if not MORE KNOWLEDGABLE than the experts I was seeing online! But I also knew that when I introduced myself to anyone new, they had no idea who I was or what I did.

"I didn't necessarily want to be on media everywhere, but I did want to be seen as expert..."

But I knew, that if someone just like one of my students could be seen as an expert by thousands of people then I was somehow missing something in my own business.

I NEEDED to understand what I was missing,


Maybe I wasn't going to be on the cover of any magazines, or a keynote speaker at a big event (or so I thought at the time)...

But what if finding out the secret to being seen as an expert could help me create a wait list of client?

Or not worrying about how potential clients would find me?

Or making more money then I though possible by working less time?

What would it be worth if I could learn THE answer...?

There was just one problem...

I was (and still am) a producer, not a strategist, I didn't even know how to figure it out...

Yet within a few weeks of that day of scrolling,

I applied to speak at a small local event...

I wasn't nervous about applying. 

After all, this was a small local event, and I knew that I could provide amazing value. I knew my stuff and I knew they would be lucky to have someone that knew so much in this niche.

They would be sure to jump at the opportunity to have me speak... right? 

So I sent them LINKS to all my social media...

I blocked the date in my calendar and worked on what I was going to say. 

I was excited to get back out there and showcase my expertise

I was so excited and couldn't wait for the event!

And then it happened... 

My Worst Nightmare Came True...

I went to open my email...

And then, in what was of the most humbling moment of my career...

In black and white on an email...

They said NO!

NO to me as the keynote speaker.

They wanted an EXPERT?

At first I was shocked! But I was an expert in this niche. Then I was angry, how could they say no! and then...

I Just Wanted To Hide

I didn't get it... why would they think other people were experts, but not me? 

I went over and over it again in my mind...

“Did I miss something in the email I sent?” 

“Were my social media posts not good enough?” 

“Did I just completely miss the mark on the event?

“Maybe I’m not cut out to be an expert…”

I thought I presented myself as the expert they wanted.

What went wrong?

I literally hid in my home for the next few days. (feeling sorry for myself, not showering, watching Netflix) because I didn't want to scroll through my social media feed and see what Expert the event booked in my place...

Well, that's what I thought...

It's time to give up....

no one will ever see me as an expert!

And I gave up for a while...

But then I started scrolling again, and I kept seeing all these other "Experts" in my field guest speaking and making more money than I could only dream of.. 

Eventually I started thinking about what I had originally thought...

IF I COULD LEARN WHY OTHER PEOPLE WERE INSTANTLY SEEN AS EXPERTS, that my life and business would change forever...

That thought kept ringing in my ears... I finally came to my senses, and eventually decided to figure it out. 

I applied for another keynote spot at another event....

Then another...

And another...

I got a few... but nothing major

I started asking other leaders in my industry, how they were getting all this recognition as an expert, and they started talking to me...

Each person I spoke with told me a bit about why they were being perceived as an expert as soon as they launched their business.

I started researching all the "experts" and dug really deep into everything they were doing. 

I started making notes, and started using what I learned...

... until slowly I started to be recognized as an expert, and I started having clients banging at my door!

I Started Getting Asked to Be A Guest On Podcasts, Lives, Blogs and More!

I was finally being seen as an expert in my field! I was getting noticed.... everything started to change!

After revamping how I presented myself to the world dozens of times, I started to create a framework that took EVERYTHING I had learned from studying the top experts in the world, as well as what I discovered from own experiences over the next few months..

And I created the first draft of my Ultimate Profile System Framework. It looked a little like this:

Each time I needed to present myself as an expert ANYWHERE, I would pull out my framework and it would instantly present me the expert I know I am!

Over the next few years....

I Went From No One Knowing Who I Was....

To Becoming The GO TO EXPERT In My Niche.............

(With A Waitlist Of Folks That Wanted My Help!)



I went to hiding in plain sight, to being the person everyone wanted to interview!

People wanted to work with me!

Whenever I sent out an enquiry letter about speaking or being a guest...the answer was always YES!!!

I was featured in magazines, blogs and on stages! 

All because I knew how to be found!

I knew that when I took a step back, my income and my recognition might take a hit...

So I decided to focus my efforts online to stay relevant and attract even higher level clients that wanted to work with me any way they could, even remotely!  

After all if I could continue to be seen as the Go To Expert - business could only get better!

I could limit my hours but increase the amount I charged.

Over The 8 Years My Business Doubled Each Year, And During That Time, PERFECTED What I Now Call:

The Ultimate Profile System

Every time I added a new service or course I wanted to be known for, I plugged it into my system.

Every time I met someone who was struggling to be seen just like I was, I would give them my system that they could customize for themselves.

And I'd watch as their recognition climb!

"If You Can Fill In The Blanks, You Too Can Have A Profile That Sets You Up To Be Seen As The Go To Expert!"

If you don't know how to be seen as an expert.. 

If you don't know what to write on your profile...

or if you are worrying about potential clients not finding you, then this framework and course is the answer you've been looking for!

In the past I only taught people the Ultimate Profile System at my expensive Visibility Masterminds, or my Global Impact Accelerator Programs... but today I wanted to make you a VERY SPECIAL OFFER and give you the entire Ultimate Profile System and show you HOW to customize it for yourself... 

For Only $7.00

Yes... for about the price of a happy meal you can get access to a system that took me OVER 8 YEARS to develop and prove 

After you implement this system, you'll be seen as an expert in your field forever!... and people will want to work with you!

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In fact...

We have people in every market and niche who are using this SAME  SYSTEM in their own businesses!

They use it to be seen as an expert in any industry, like:

  •  Coaching
  •  Speaking
  •  Wellness
  •  Business
  •  Sports
  •  Finance
  •  Real Estate
  •  Insurance
  •  Software
  •  Interior Decorating
  •  Cooking
  •  Medicine
  •  Health & Beauty
  •  and many, many more!

Linda Sztanko Used This

To Become An Award Winning Christian Coach and Sought After Speaker

Linda went from virtually unknown, she implemented the "Ultimate Profile System" and within weeks she was booked on podcasts, stages, and had new clients banging down her door!

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This Course Will Teach You A SYSTEM that Will Allow You To Be Seen As An Expert And Gain Visibility Virtually Overnight!

For many of you, you only need to highlight your profile in just one place.

(And that's totally cool...)

There's a TON of other places you can highlight your profile and your expert status as well..

  •   Website...
  •   Social Media...
  •   Introductions...
  •   Events...
  •   Podcasts, Books...

This system is going to provide you with what you need to be seen as an expert! 

It's the same system I've used to grow my business.

And it will work for you as well!

When You Get Your Copy Of The Ultimate Profile System Course ($597 For Just $7.00)

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For some of you, this system will be the difference between success and failure in your business... this is why I've made it SO INEXPENSIVE for you today!

Okay. Now What Else Can You Buy For Seven Bucks?

Okay. You could probably get a big Mac and a happy meal at Mcdonald's...

You'd probably get some caffeine at Starbucks with some whipped cream on top of it. 


You Could Get The System That Has Made Me The Go To Expert in My Field And Has Given Me More Impact Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.

And so for you, I want you to make sure you take advantage of this, why I'm trying to make this an irresistible offer is because when you have this system, you can use it to truly propel you to be the top of mind expert people want to work with.

So just follow the steps down below. There's going to be link for only $7. Okay. And as soon as you buy it will literally give you access immediately.

You can have access to the system and the training here in 15 seconds, all you do is click the link down below, and we'll send this to you right away and you can start learning how to use it and start using it for your business. 

There Is NO CATCH!

I know there are some websites out there that offer you something cool for free, but then stick you into some program that charges your card every month. 

This isn't one of them. 

There's NO hidden "continuity or membership program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

 It's my way of saying thank you for being a dedicate connection.

  • I'm doing this because I want to share this with as many people. I realize it's the most important first step to create a buzz for your business. (and I am always all about sharing value with my subscribers!)
  • The truth is, how awesome this is going to be for your business! I know you will be really excited to see what it's going to do for you, and that means you'll be buying other stuff from me in the future!
  • And Finally, I've spent thousands of dollars on training that just didn't work. So rather than complain I decided to be the solution. Selfishly it's a great feeling to know you can make a difference!

Time Is Of The Essence...

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All It Takes Is ONE PROFILE To Be Seen As An Expert!


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I’ll take all the risk on this.

If you don’t feel that The Ultimate Profile System is worth 10 times what you invested, drop me an email within 30 days of getting the system and training and I’ll refund your $7. No questions asked. Fair enough?


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This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Claim Your Copy Now Before They're Gone...

Okay. With that said, I hope you enjoy the system. I hope you use it.

I want you to give this into your hands because I know how this can transform your business forever. 

Thanks again,

Stacy Maynard

P.S. Did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was? 😊 

You get my Ultimate Profile System and training (instant download), that is the SAME system I use to this day! I spent over 8 years perfecting this system and you can just fill in the blanks! 

I also show you step by step how to get started creating your profiles and everyplace you need them NOW. This isn’t just for businesses that are trying to turn the corner. There are plenty of secret strategy techniques for advanced marketers as well. And it’s only $7. That’s it.

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