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The Steps to a Highly Effective Profile

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Provide Value through your Content

After you connect with a new connection, the content you provide will keep you top of mind.

Take your Connections Offline!

Learn the LinkedIn Lead Generation System to get real results. 


Stacy Maynard

Award Winning Global Producer, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Master Podcast Trainer. From sales strategy to working with key business executives to marketing, Stacy was at the hub of it all. She was able to sit with key executives to talk about business strategy and work closely with corporate branding, marketing and sales.

Having spent hours in front of the computer searching and finding information on all things Autism, she learned how the online world worked first hand. The most important thing was to build relationships online with businesses and create those important connections. After years of helping businesses with all things Tech & Social Media, she focused on LinkedIn, Live Streaming & Podcasting for their high level of professionalism, business focused content and ability to truly connect with other professionals.

Stacy works with corporate teams and entrepreneurs alike to make their strategy work for their business, brand and bottom line.

Claire Barrett

"I have to say this is so applicable to everyone. This isn't fluff or high ideas, it is simple and actionable items to get noticed on LinkedIn. Stacy is concise and knowledgable so anyone can take advantage of her strategies. Highly recommend."

Anthea Mumby

"After hearing Stacy speak about her expertise with LinkedIn, I decided to ask her for help with updating my LinkedIn profile. And am I ever glad I did! She had so many suggestions and ideas. Stacy has been great about providing guidance including some valuable marketing tips. I highly recommend Stacy if your LinkedIn profile needs a makeover!"

Marguerite Orane

"I never "got" LinkedIn ... until Stacy took me through an intensive, hands-on session to develop my LinkedIn strategy. I came away with a much-improved profile and a plan for connecting and communicating on LinkedIn. More importantly, I am motivated and excited to build my LinkedIn community and share my message. Stacy made the session fun, informative, and very insightful - lots of laughter and learning! Thanks Stacy"


LinkedIn is a Powerful and Professional Platform. NOW is the time to Leverage it.

Get yourself out there in a big way to attract the right connections, build your network and convert those connections to generate leads!

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